Bayou Boys Po-Boys

Authentic creative Cajun food made with traditional processes. Proudly serving Needville and the surrounding communities.


Here at Bayou Boys we are committed to serving you delicious crawfish that you will love, here are some things that we can answer if you have any questions about our crawfish or how we prepare them

  • We serve crawfish daily
  • We boil a traditional Southeast Louisiana style crawfish, which means no seasoning on the outside
  • We boil daily
  • We start serving by 5 P.M. on weekdays
  • We serve all day on weekends
  • We are open daily from 11 A.M. till 9 P.M. (8 P.M. on Sunday)
  • If we don’t answer the phone, we are swamped and guest can order crawfish at the counter
  • Crawfish are sold by the pound
  • Fixings are extra, and we typically only boil one to two batches a day. When we run out, we stop serving them
  • Yes, we are BYOB
  • When available, we can serve melted butter with your crawfish upon request. Please excuse me if I give you are hard time about it however. We don’t eat melted butter with our boiled seafood back home. We make a “Crawfish Dip” which is mayo based. I encourage you to try it instead of butter.